The Benefits of Selling Your Car for Scrap

There are any number of different reasons why you might be looking to trade in your old car. Maybe you’ve dutifully driven the same car for decades until it finally gave up the ghost a few days ago. Maybe you were involved in an accident that has left your car simply undrivable. Maybe you’re simply tired of driving around in an old rust bucket and are ready for something new. Whatever your reason for moving on to a new car might be, however, the question remains – what are you going to do with your old one? If it really is that old, you may not be able to trade it in as you would regularly.

Who would want to buy a decades-old car? Car scrap buyers and dealers such as Sim Vic. Here’s a brief look at what they can do for you.

Appraising Your Car

What sets the scrap buying industry apart from other car buyers in the UK is, of course, its intent. Because they intend on buying and selling cars for scrap, the current condition of the vehicle is ancillary compared to the amount of gold, silver, copper, zinc, iron, and other valuable metals it contains.

The Environmental Effect

In addition to the windfall you can receive, trading in your old car for scrap can also be beneficial to the environment. Those aforementioned metals are so valuable in large part because car companies – urged on by environmental concerns – are increasingly buying and recycling old cars to save on mining.

Trading in your old car for scrap can, thus, save you money while helping to save the environment.

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