How to Establish a Paperless Law Firm

Green is in, even in the legal industry. It is not surprising that many law firms are proactive in their efforts to become eco-friendly. While there are many ways to do this, one of the best is through being paperless. The transition into a paperless office is not possible overnight. It is a gradual process. To do this successfully, take note of our suggestions below.

  • Use Legal Billing Software

A good starting point is to manage billing electronically. This way, you no longer need to issue invoices in paper. You can send them through email or through an app. To add, legal billing software, such as Rocket Matter, also makes it easy to automatically record billables instead of having lawyers track them manually.

  • Embrace the Cloud

It is about time that law firms embrace cloud technology and take advantage of its many benefits. This makes it easy for lawyers to access documents related to their case in an electronic format, such as through their smartphones. It speeds up work and improves flexibility as it allows attorneys to work anytime and collaborate. With cloud case management software, you no longer need to keep thousands of pages of legal paperwork.

  • Get a Scanner

To run a paperless law office, it is important to make a couple of investments that will help turn your goal into a reality. One of the most important is a scanner, which will make it possible to convert all existing documents in the firm into a digital format.

  • Change the Way You Do Internal Communication

Whether it is an internal news bulletin or a memo, change the way it is distributed to the employees. Do not rely on paper to distribute internal communications. One way to do this is to have an intranet. Project management and document sharing tools will also be effective.

  • Tap New Marketing Strategies

The paperless endeavor should not stop in the law office. Even your marketing needs to get rid of its reliance on paper. Now is the time to let go of distributing mails to promote your law business. Utilize electronic methods, such as social media and email marketing.

  • Involve Everyone

To create a high functioning paperless law firm, it is also crucial that you involve everyone from the top to the bottom. Make sure that everyone has the same goal. Explain the benefits of going paperless to get everyone on-board. Provide training modules and informative materials so that every employee will know their individual roles.

  • Put the Policies in Writing

The management should create written rules and regulations on how to implement a paperless office. To encourage employees to cooperate, there should be robust policies. To add, it also helps to have a point person who will be responsible for leading the transition towards being paperless.

Going paperless in the law firm requires taking small steps rather than suddenly eliminating the use of paper. The transition is not easy, but with our suggestions above, it is doable.

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