5 Things to Look for in Dust Suppression Equipment

In businesses where dust is a major concern, the management needs to focus on having dust control systems that will minimize the impacts of their operations to the environment while also ensuring the health of their workers and the public. They need to invest in dust suppression equipment. Choosing the right equipment is an overwhelming process. Read the rest of this article and we’ll list some important considerations.

  • Type of Equipment

There are different types of systems for dust suppression. You need to find one suitable to the needs of the business. The most popular are the wet systems, similar to the dust control equipment you can find at Bosstek. They are water and mist sprays that target the dust from the source and prevents it from spreading. Dust suppression equipment can also exist in the form of enclosures, which will limit its movement in a confined space. Vacuum systems are also common, which is a major method of dust collection. In most cases, businesses use more than one equipment in their dust suppression strategy.

  • Affordability

Without a doubt, profit is important for a business. This makes it crucial for the management to find a way to lessen their expenses, and in turn, this helps improve their profitability. With this, when looking for a dust suppression equipment, price is a major consideration. Look for equipment that is affordable but without compromising its quality and performance. It is good to shop around to have more choices and find one that can work best based on your budget.

  • Portability  

Your dust suppression equipment needs to be portable, making it easy to move it around from one place to another. Especially in large places, such as a construction site, you must be able to change its location depending on the area that you wish to target or where the dust is present. Often, they have wheeled-construction to make it effortless to change its position.

  • Ease of Use

Choose dust suppression equipment that is a snap to operate. Often, the supplier of the equipment will provide detailed instructions on its use. Initially, they will also train your staff to make the most out of the equipment. If it is too complicated, it will be prone to error. It must also require minimal care and maintenance.

  • Warranty

Like buying any equipment to be used in your business operations, the warranty of the dust suppression equipment is an important consideration. What happens if it breaks down? Will the manufacturer provide free replacement of the defective parts? Do they offer free labor? The standard warranty is one year, but it is best to choose an equipment with more than one year of warranty for your peace of mind.

With too many options for the best dust suppression equipment, making the right choice is a struggle. From the right type of equipment to the warranty, these things will help you arrive at the right decision.

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